More Exam Prep: Study Aids Available in the Law Library

The law library has numerous print study aids and other resources on reserve that may be useful during exams:

  • Get a broad overview: Nutshells
  • Focus on the core principles: Concise Hornbooks and Understanding Series
  • Go in-depth: Hornbook Series and Aspen Student Treatise Series
  • Test yourself: Examples & Explanations Series and Questions & Answers Series
  • Study on the Go:  Gilbert Law School Legends Audio Series and Sum & Substance CDs


Getting Ready for Exams: West Study Aids

A reminder that the Law Library is pleased to offer Mason law students access to West Study Aids. This subscription provides PDFs of over 350 titles, including:

  • Black Letter Outlines
  • Concise Hornbook Series
  • Exam Pro Series
  • Gilbert Law Summaries
  • Nutshell Series
  • Sum & Substance Quick Reviews

Students may access these materials through their Westlaw account. When you sign-in to Westlaw, you will see a series of links under “Legal Research & Tools.” Click on the link to “West Study Aids Subscription” and you will be taken to a list of subject headings. Choose a subject area and then a title. You will click through a couple of windows including a “Subscriber Agreement” that you will need to accept. From there, you will have unlimited access to all of the study aids.

More details, including information about printing allotments and a list of available titles, are available here. Note that limited print copies of the most popular titles will remain available on reserve.



Hotmail Email Accounts Banned at Website

If you have registered with CALI using a Hotmail email address you must change your CALI Account to list another email address from a different provider. Unfortunately, CALI has had significant problems with spam from Hotmail.  CALI has provided the following information for Hotmail users to modify their accounts:

(1) Send an email to with your name and a non-Hotmail email address that you wish to use with your CALI account. The switch over will have to be done manually so there will be some delay.
(2) Create a new account using a non-Hotmail email address. Please note if you choose this option, you will lose all access to previous lesson run information.  You will also need a GMU authorization code, available in the Reference Office

Survey Response: May Students Borrow Permanent Reserve Books for More Than Two Hours?

Books on permanent reserve may be renewed for longer than the initial two hours if no one else has requested to use them. Books on reserve are often in demand, especially during study periods before exams, and need to be available to all our students. The library has older editions of some of these books in the collection that can be signed out.

And, as we announced previously, starting in the fall semester, the library will be providing students with access to electronic study aids. The new West Study Aids subscription will include titles from eleven popular series including the Concise Hornbook Series, the Nutshell Series, Gilbert Law Summaries, Sum & Substance Quick Reviews, as well as other Thomson Reuters study materials. Students will be able to access e-book versions of over 350 study aids, search within the texts, highlight, take notes, and print from them in limited quantities. Want to try this product sooner?  Activate a free 2-day trial here.


Students: Get Free Two-Day Trial of West Online Study Aids—Full Access Coming This Fall!

Starting in the Fall Semester, the library will provide students with access to electronic study aids.  Our new West Study Aids subscription will include titles from eleven popular series including:  Concise Hornbooks, Nutshells, Gilberts, Sum & Substance—and more!.

Just in time for exams, Westlaw is offering a free two-day trial.  Click here, and use your Westlaw One Pass to start the trial.

Exam Prep: Library Study Aids

Just a reminder that the law library has numerous study aids and other resources (many on reserve) that may be useful during exams. Some options include:

  • Get a broad overview: Nutshells
  • Focus on the core principles: Concise Hornbooks and Understanding Series
  • Go in-depth: Hornbook Series and Aspen Student Treatise Series
  • Test yourself: Examples & Explanations Series and Questions & Answers Series

CALI Adds “Resume” Feature

Here are the details from CALI:

  • The resume feature is automatic. If you leave a lesson by any means such as closing the browser or turning off the computer, you’ll be able to resume later…that is, unless you complete and finalize (more on that below).
    • There’s an Exit & Resume Later link in the upper right that has the same effect as above.
    • To resume a lesson in the same spot with the same score, login to and click “My Lesson Runs“ in the right hand menu.
    • When you get to the end of a lesson, you’ll be given the option to complete and finalize your lesson. If you take this option, you cannot resume that lesson. You can, of course, run the same lesson again from the beginning. There’s also a “Complete the Lesson” link in the table of contents if you’d like to finalize your score prior to hitting the final screen.

Exam Prep: CALI Lessons Can Help

Just a reminder that CALI lessons are a great tool to test yourself before an exam.  While not every topic is available, many are!

If you need the GMU student activation code, stop in the reference office or email Melanie at As you probably guessed, the CALI site is especially busy this time of year, so the site may be slower than usual. If you are unable to log on, wait a bit and try again. Or, stop in the reference office to pick up a CD of the lessons.

Ready, Set, Write: Preparing for Your First Law School Exams

No doubt, preparing for law school exams, especially your first set of these assessments, is a challenging experience.  But many law students have survived this process not much worse for wear, so don’t panic! 

As noted here previously, the law library has a variety of study aids available.  Here is a sample of some of the other potentially useful resources providing suggestions for exam preparation and writing:

Best of Luck!

Free E-book Versions of Rules of Evidence, Civ. Pro., Crim. Pro.

CALI and Cornell LII teamed up to make free, downloadable versions of the Federal Rules of Evidence, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure available to students to use on iPads, iPhones, Nooks, or any device that supports .epub files. Here is a link to the downloads. If you want information about how to read .epubs on your mobile phone or desktop computer, you can read information here.

The Reference Office has small, free, print versions of the U.S. Constitution, Federal Rules of Evidence, and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, courtesy of Lexis and Westlaw. Stop by and help yourself to the rules you need.