Lexis Advance Launch

Lexis Advance has announced special programs for GMUSL Students next week:

ID Registration: Receive a $5 Starbucks gift card for registering your Lexis Advance ID

Lexis Advance Table Day 2/14

o Stop by to register your ID, pick up your $5 Starbucks gift card, and enjoy some snacks!

Lexis Advance Classes with pizza and Camelbak water bottles!

o Wednesday, 2/15 at 11:45 in room 332

o Wednesday, 2/15 at 5:00 PM in room 221

o Thursday, 2/16 at 11:45 in room 332

o Thursday, 2/16 at 5:00 PM in room 332

o Pizza will only be ordered for those who register. To register, go to www.lexis.com/lawschool, click the My School tab, and then select the session that works best for you.

· Lexis Advance Raffle

o By registering your Lexis Advance ID and attending a Lexis Advance class, you will be entered into a raffle for a $150 Amazon gift card!

Can’t Find the Email with Your Bloomberg Law Password?

If you cannot find the email sent January 18 with your Bloomberg Law password, follow these instructions. Go to Bloomberglaw.com. In the far, upper right corner, click on “Forgot User Name or Password?” Enter your gmu.edu email address. BLaw will email you your user name. Then, go to the “Forgot User Name or Password?” link again to retrieve your password using your user name. It sounds like a hassle, but it isn’t bad. The emails come nearly instantaneously, and the BLaw user name and password retrieval system is easy to use. If you still have trouble, contact Melanie Oberlin at moberlin@gmu.edu

Bloomberg Law

GMUSL students should have received an email from Bloomberg Law on January 18 with a username and password.  You may reset your password once you login to the Bloomberg Law Website.

If you did not see this email (be sure to check junk/spam folders), please contact Instructional Services Librarian Melanie Oberlin.

An introduction to Bloomberg Law is available here.

Lexis Advance is Here!

GMULS students should have received an email on January 5 with Lexis Advance Temporary IDs and Passwords. If you did not see this email (be sure to check junk/spam folders), please contact our account representative Cassie Pangas.  Her contact information is on the LexisNexis Law School home page. 

Note that after logging in with the temporary ID and password, these may then be changed to be same as your Lexis.com ID and password.

You will receive information about training when this has been scheduled.  In the meantime, you can find further information and videos about Lexis Advance here.

A Legacy of 9/11: The USA Patriot Act

After the horrific events of 9/11/01, Congress acted quickly to pass the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001, better known as the USA Patriot Act.  It was signed by President Bush on October 26, 2001. 

The Act expanded the investigative authority of federal officials, including their ability to track and intercept communications, in addition to other enhanced powers to combat domestic and international terrorism. The Act has been controversal because of its impact on civil liberties.

To learn more about the Patriot Act, please consult the law library’s Homeland Security Research Guide.  Resources available in the library include a five volume compiled legislative history of the Act.  To discover more about the controversy surrounding this law, members of the GMU community may find the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database useful in addition to popular news sources.

Printing from Westlaw, WLNext, and Lexis

Westlaw has finally made printing from WestlawNext seamless and free, just like printing from Westlaw.com. Unfortunately, Westlaw’s printer in the microforms room (Library 1st floor) is out of order right now. We will post letting you know when it is fixed.

In the meantime, you can still print for free from Lexis in the microforms room and Lab 351. You can print from Westlaw.com and WestlawNext in Lab 351.

Whether or not you have configured your laptop to print to the GMU pay-for-print systems, you can direct your Westlaw and Lexis print jobs to the Westlaw and Lexis printers from your laptop.